"Join us, Leave your fields to flower
Join us, Leave your cheese to sour
Join us. Come and waste an hour or two
Doodle ee do
Journey, Journey to a spot
Exciting, mystic and exotic
Journey, through our anecdotic revue

We've got magic to do, Just for you
We've got miracle plays to play
We've got parts to perform, Hearts to warm
Kings and things to take by storm
As we go along our way"
~ "Magic To Do," by Steven Schwartz (Pippin)

*** *** ***


If you can dream it, we can do it! We are a versatile troupe, ready willing and able to portray anyone your imagination and your heart desire! My Little Pony, Medieval, Fantasy, Renaissance, Victorian, Steam Punk, Wild West, Faeries, Pirates, Gypsies, Knights & Princesses, Cowboys, Indians, Lord of the Rings, the Headless Horseman, Unicorn, Pegasus, Alice in Wonderland - you think of it, we do it! We perform anywhere and everywhere, at Family-Oriented Events, including Fairs, Festivals, Fund Raisers and Parades of any kind. We specialize in delighting children of all ages - everyone and anyone that we can get involved - with a variety of interactive entertainment, including:

* Swords & Sorcery - padded swords, spell balls
* Light Jousting - padded swords, padded lances
* Skills at Arms Games - quintain, rings, heads, reeds, spear, javelin - live weapons, inanimate targets
* Mounted Archery - padded tips for live targets, live tips for inanimate targets
* Mounted Gun Fights - toy guns
* Dancing Horses
* Pony Rides for Children and Adults (no age, height or weight limitations)
* Portraits
* Flying Parrot
* Roman riding
* Flag and Fire Shows
* Singing & Story Telling
* Fortune Telling
* Face Painting
* Paint the Pony
* Karaoke by DJ Grendel
* "Doc" Saul Ravencraft

We're limited only by the boundaries of your imagination; if you've got an idea, just ask us!
Cost - Ask for Quote - Performances are custom crafted and individually tailored to your unique desires, needs and budgets. * * 512-269-6309